habitat, 2017-2018
interactive installation

HABITAT explores themes of development as both a solitary and communal process. Specifically how individual action ripples out to affect all of the members of a community while the state of the community conditions the actions of individual members. HABITAT is an interactive installation where participants lies on structures that vibrates gently in response to biofeedback from its occupant. As other participants occupy their own structure, they are added to the others’ feedback loop creating a temporary hive identity.

In this state, HABITAT will adapt to the participants, creating a restful or tense whole from the sum of its parts. HABITAT will work to achieve a sustainable balance between its inhabitants, yet a conscientious change of behavior by individual participants will result in an evolution of the environment.

HABITAT is an installation based on studies of the body’s response to vibration from its environment. The installation includes audio-induced structural vibration, biofeedback, physical activity sensory monitoring, and is based on studies on psychoacoustics and human response to vibration.

2019 – Spring Clean, Marabouparken Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden
2018 – FILE Festival, São Paulo, Brazil
2017 – Artist Talk, ISEA2017, Manizales, Colombia
2017 – Work-in-progress, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

Technical advisor and additional programming: Simon Fransson
Additional advisors: Rafael Benito Garrido and Jacob Andersson