Artist talk, Act, generate; react, regenerate ISEA2017, Manizales, CO June 11-18
Act, generate; react, regenerate Fylkingen, Stockholm, SE May 26-28
HyperakusiCT::SWaM Fridman Gallery, New York City, US August 29
synæsthesia Fylkingen, Stockholm, SE June 17
Artist Talk, Efterklang ISEA2016, Hong Kong May 18
Opening: An Introduction to Work and Energy/Continous Drift Meeting House Square, Dublin, IE April 14
MusicMakers Hacklab - Artefact 2016 STUK, Leuven, BE February 17-21
IEEE Seminar: Auralization methodologies and practices University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ February 17-21
Performance: TILDE - Polish experimental music in Scandinavia Fylkingen, Stockholm, SE October 1