sound, ambisonics, installation, interactive


Authors:Josefin Lindebrink & Matthew Azevedo

EFTERKLANG focuses on the relationship between sound environments and the self. The visitor is invited to explore a physical space occupied by multiple virtual voices where their position within the space dramatically alters it’s acoustics, allowing them to have a self-directed experience of many acoustical environments and to reflect on how acoustics mediates their experience of the world around them.

A cluster of proximity sensors in a small, subtle enclosure sits on the floor of the exhibition space and senses the locations of the visitors. This information is passed to a real-time acoustical simulation, bringing the listener and the virtual voices closer and further apart, with apparent spatial relationships ranging from a whisper directly next to the listener in a small closet to voices heard from a hundred meters away in an impossibly large cathedral. Efterklang is a lab in which listeners can seamlessly move through a variety sound environments and more, at each step experience a new relationship between subject and object as mediated by acoustical phenomena.