binaural field recording 2010-(ongoing)
online library

Photography: Anna Holmberg & Josefin Lindebrink, 2014

Online library of binural field recordings recorded with the artists own ears.

Recordings have been made intuitively by the recordist, a selection of which are published here.  Binaural recording methods have been used to include and preserve spatial contexts of the acoustic environments. Recordings are intended for headphones.



t: march, 2012
s: alappuza, kerala, india

t: november, 2013
s: teleborg water tower, växjö, sweden

t: august, 2013
s: fez, morroco


t: january, 2014
s: causeway bay subway station, hong kong

t: june, 2011
s: danvikstullssbron, stockholm, sweden

t: december, 2013
s: baiyun mountain, guangzhou, china


t: april, 2013
s: wrocław, poland

t: july, 2012
s: alexanderplatz, berlin, germany

t: august, 2014
s: plaza fundadores, guadalajara, mexico